Thursday, July 17, 2008

adsense update changes default color

Adsense update changes default color

It always shocked me to log into email and found that I had got email from google adsense team. Just like what was happened in this night. I’ve got email from Adsense team with a subject: “Google AdSense Update: Changes to your ads”. I thought I was doing something wrong in my ads and Adsense team warned me.

But it just my thought (thank god), the email just explained how they’ll change the default adsense color, from mother earth color Seaside (formerly known as mother earth) to ‘Open Air’.

Below is the email,


We’re writing to let you know about a coming change to the appearance of your Google ads. Your ads currently display the default Google color palette, Seaside (formerly known as Mother Earth). In the near future, we plan to update the default palette to Open Air, a new palette containing the same set of colors, but
without the blue border. We’ve found that many publishers prefer the cleaner look of this palette and have also seen that a blended color palette performs better for them — attracting user interest while still maintaining the distinction between ads and content with the ‘Ads by Google’ label.

Please note that this change will only affect your ad units where your ad code does not specify colors.* For all other units, your color selections will be retained.

You can view the new Open Air palette by taking these steps:

1. Log into your AdSense account at
2. Go to the ‘AdSense Setup’ tab.
3. Click the ‘Color Palettes’ link.
4. From the color palettes dropdown, select ‘Open Air’. The example ad will update to show the new palette.

If you’d prefer not to use Open Air, you can change your ad colors by following the steps detailed in our Help Center:
Please keep in mind that if you choose to change your ad colors, you’ll need to generate new ad code using the new colors and replace the code that’s currently on your pages.

If you don’t choose to update your ad code, your ads will begin displaying the Open Air palette within the next 10 days. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


The Google AdSense Team

*You can check if your ad code specifies colors by looking for any “color” tags such as “google_color_border” or “google_color_bg” in your HTML. If you find any color tags in the code for an ad unit, this unit will not be affected by the change.

For me, that would be no specific change at all since I never use that set of color or never leave my code intact (i.e. in default code). I always change that set of color to blend well in my pages.

But again, thank god I didn’t do anything wrong

Friday, June 6, 2008

Boost Google AdSense Earnings

Boost Google AdSense Earnings

Google AdSense is a great way for webmasters to monetize their websites. While many webmasters are struggling hard to earn $3 - $10 per day, some 'genius' webmasters havealready enjoyed $30, $100, and even $300 a day from AdSense ads on their websites. How are these 'genius' webmasters differ from their counterparts? They think different! They think out of the box!Let me share with you some tips which has been responsible in boosting my AdSense profits by 700%. Here are 5 of them, and if you follow these steps, I'm sure you'll see a difference in your AdSense income.Here are the tips:

I concentrate on 1 format of AdSense ad, which is the Large Rectangle (336x280). This format has been proven to work with me in resulting high click-through rates (CTR).Why this format? Because the ads look like normal web links, and people are trained to click on these types of links.

I create custom palette for my ads. I choose white as the color for the border and background. This is because, all of my pages have white background. The idea is to makethe AdSense ads look like they are a part of my web pages.Previously, I put all my AdSense ads at the bottom of my pages. One day, I moved those ads to the top of the page. The result surprised me. My earning increased! Since then, I don't hide my AdSense ads anymore!

I maintain some links to other relevant websites, and I put my AdSense ads at the top of the links, so that my visitors see them first.

I automate the insertion of AdSense code into my webpages using SSI (server side included). You'll need to ask your web administrator whether your server supports SSIor not. Here's how to do it. You just put the AdSense code in a text file, save it as 'adsense.txt', and upload it to the root directory of your web server. Next, call the codeon other pages using SSI.This trick is really a time saver especially for those who use automatic page generators to generate pages on their website.Here's a tool I use to generate thousands of pages on my website within seconds:

Monday, March 10, 2008

online money making ideas

Online money making ideas

1. Making More Money - Most people want to make more money. They want to avoid not being able to buy all their needs and wants. You could target product niches for employment, home businesses, networking marketing, affiliate programs, career advancement, etc.

2. Increasing Profits And Sales - Most businesses want to increase their profits and sales. You could target product niches about marketing, copywriting, advertising, cutting costs, publicity tips, etc.

3. Making Good Investments - Most people want to get high returns on their investments. You could target product niches about investing in the stock market, bonds, futures trading, etc.

4. Getting A Raise - Employees want to avoid being on a low pay scale at their place of work and losing their job. You could target product niches about communicating at work such as asking for a raise, promotions at work, etc.

5. Getting A Promotion - Most employees want to succeed and offer their employer their best. You could target product niches about moving up the ladder at work, career advancement, over or underachieving at work with the consequences of each, etc.

6. Working From Home - Many people would rather work at home. You could target product niches about home business start-up, home business opportunities, affiliate programs, network marketing, etc.

7. Working Less - Most people want to work less but smarter. You could target product niches about businesses that require little or no work, automated income streams, part-time jobs that pay the same as 40 hour a week jobs, etc.

8. Eliminating Debt - Most people want to control or eliminate their debts. You could target product niches about money management, debt consolidation, stopping debt collectors from calling, etc.

9. Having Excellent Credit - People want to have excellent credit. You could target product niches about improving their credit reports, financial management, how to increase their credit rating, etc.

10. Finding A Bargain - Most people like to find bargains. You could target product niches about being thrifty, negotiating lower prices, where to find good bargains, etc.

11. Retiring Early - Most people want to retire early or at least have money for their retirement. You could target product niches about planning for early retirement, investing for the long term, goal setting, etc.

12. Being Educated - Many want to further their education. You could target product niches about college grants, college ratings, college loans, college living, etc.

13. Save Money - Most people want to save money. You could target product niches about starting a budget, lower bills, stretching their money further, shopping smarter, etc.

14. Being Successful - Most people want to be successful. You could target product niches about making and reaching goals, motivational techniques, getting into the right mind set, etc.

15. Being Lucky - Most people like to win. You could target product niches about gambling, winning contests, picking winning lottery numbers, best casino hotels, etc.

16. Being A Leader - Many people want to be the leaders. You could target product niches about leadership qualities, communicating with their followers, educating people, etc.

17. Being An Expert - Most people want to be considered an expert. You could target product niches about study habits, improving memory, improving brain power, taking action, etc.

18. Looking Credible - Many people want to look credible. You could target product niches about adding educational achievements, improving career status, publicity your skills, getting in the news, etc.

19. Gaining Information - People generally want to avoid being uninformed about subjects that could effect their lifestyle. You could target product niches about publishing news topics, selling information, creating information products, Information technology, etc.

20. Finding A Job - Many people need to understand their role in employment, such as how to get a position. How to successfully be interviewed. You could target product niches about writing resumes, job listing services, job training, etc.

21. Being Beautiful - Most people want to be attractive to others. You could target product niches about beauty products, plastic surgery, hair products, dressing for success, etc.

22. Being In Good Health - Most people want to be in good health. You could target product niches about nutrition supplements, disease prevention, vitamins, healthy diet plans, etc.

23. Living A Long Life - Most people want to live as long as possible. You could target product niches about anti-aging medications, medical examines, fitness products, safe sex contraceptives, nutrition products, etc.

24. Being Pain Free - Most people want to be pain free. You could target product niches about pain medications; the latest medical knowledge and cures, exercises that help relieve pain, alternative pain relievers, etc.

25. Being In Shape - Many people want to be physically in shape. You could target product niches about exercise methods, exercise equipment, video workouts, gym memberships, etc. You could also do joint ventures with firms in the business---offering discounts and such.

26. Being Full Of Energy - Many people want to be full of energy. You could target product niches about energy drinks, caffeine products, energy inducing diet plans, sleep theory, etc.

Use Facebook Build Business Online

Facebook is a great place to start an online business. There are millions of people using this site for networking. They use Facebook to build their profile and form group to share their lives, interest and experience.

The basic idea of using Facebook for business is to do whatever things you can but without violating the terms and policies of Facebook in order to build a community around your profile, product, service or website. If you just add your links and sales messages on your profile, most probably people won't respond to that. They want to get to know the brand, company or business and have a good time there.

For instance, if you run a NBA basketball site, you will want your profile concentrate on your interest on the game. You can also form a group with NBA basket ball as the subject. You may then insert your ads and the link to your NBA basket ball site and service in the group and other users who have an interest with click on your link.

When people begin to trust your voice and realize that you will be on the site to get to know them, they’ll respond to that and possibly purchase your product or service.

There are few things you can do to grow your group. You can create or add applications, start a poll, and arrange for meetings so that your group members can discuss and talk about the related things.

Build a Sense of Community
You basic goal to use Facebook is to attract your target website visitors or potential customers through your profile, group and the application you created.

To be successful on Facebook, you have to build a sense of community. People crave this sense of belonging – it’s a basic fact of human nature. You cannot sell directly to them, it won't work. You must make people know that you intend to belong to them, that you want to create a placed for people to go and participate in what you are providing and offering.

People love to be introduced to new ideas and new stuff. They will want to look for others that have the same interests and connect with them and form friendships on the site. These are the important things you must always keep in mind if you are using Facebook for business purpose.

How Exactly You can Use Facebook for Your E-business and Making Money Online
There are a number of things you can do with your Facebook account, and all of them will eventually help you achieve success. When you have decided to grow your online business through your Facebook account, you can choose the activities that make sense for your business goal.

Below is a list things you can do with your account:
  • Build a user base and a customer base.
  • Research and test a niche to find out whether you can sell a product or service to the niche online.
  • Market a website, business or a service.
  • Get more clients by using your profile. (For example, if you’re a mentor.)
  • Use the groups, networks and applications trends to get more ideas.
  • Beta test a product or service to find out whether it can be sold. Use feedback from your friends to tweak the product and make changes to it.
  • Use the site for affiliate marketing purpose. Facebook can help you make more affiliate commission but make sure you read the terms and rules and don't break any of them.
The above are just a few ways of how Facebook can be used to build or start a business and make money online. You may explore more ideas when you have got into Facebook marketing.

Tips for Creating Your Facebook Profile
Your profile will be a powerful tool to help you achieve success. When growing a business using Facebook, it is important that you are able to position yourself as an expert. So when you create your profile, you must highlight your expertise in the topic. Why you are qualified to sell the particular product or service or if you are making money with content based website or blog, you should let people understand that why you are qualified to give advice and tips on the theme you are writing.

However, you need to make sure that the content and information in your profile don't read and feel like a sale copy when reading by your target audience as people will not respond to someone trying to sell something. Your voice should be friendly.

Tips for Promoting Affiliate Links
Yes, it is possible to use Facebook for marketing affiliate programs. According to the terms and conditions of Facebook, users are not allowed to insert affiliate links into their profile. So what you can do is place your affiliate links in your blog or website and adding the link to your website or blog in your profile section.

An Explanation about Facebook Applications
Facebook made their developer's platform available in year 2007. The named it Facebook Markup Language. It allows people around the world to build new applications for the site. There are several basic things you can do with these applications:
  • Search for the applications that interest you and add them to your profile.
  • Recommending them to your friends.
  • Making them yourself using the Facebook Developers API.
Since Facebook has made its Developers API available to other uses. This essentially allows people to build new applications that interact with the site and the user profile. Facebook applications can be used for various purposes. The main goal is to help further achieve a sense of community between users and encourage community to participate with one another.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Update Google AdWords Automatic Matching

Update To Google AdWords "Automatic Matching"

Yesterday I posted Have Extra Money in Your Google AdWords Account? Google May Spend it With "Automatic Matching". I was fairly negative in my post, but I did explain both sides.

First, Google sent me a statement:

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide advertisers with innovative ways to reach users online, Google is currently testing a feature known as 'Automatic Matching.' This feature is currently in a limited beta with a small number of advertisers. We have no news to announce at this time regarding developments in our AdWords product offering.

But more importantly, AdWordsAdvisor posted at the WebmasterWorld thread, and I wanted to quote it for you:

* First off, I have already passed your feedback along to the right teams - so your comments and concerns have been heard - and will continue to be heard.

* Please be aware that this is a limited beta test, available as an option to a small number of advertisers.

* Future plans for the feature will certainly be influenced by feedback from folks who participate in the beta. So if you are one of those invited, who then choose to participate in the beta, please be sure to comment early and often.

* Advertisers offered a spot in the beta may certainly turn off the feature if they wish.

* This feature is not intended to 'exhaust the budget' - rather it is only meant to deliver additional traffic where performance metrics such as CTRs and CPCs stack up well against the adgroups current CTR and CPC. If there is no additional relevant traffic to direct to the advertisers campaigns, automatic matching will not spend additional money.

* The queries will appear in Search Query reports.

There is still a ton of discussion but that is Google's side of things.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Adsense Tips and Tricks

Most of the time, Google adsenser are gaming with the stats numbers for continuously improvement in their ads performance. generally speaking, most efforts are spent in growing up the CTR, EPC (earning per clicks), and Impressions (website traffics). The scope within these subjects are wide and it probably take pages to explain. what i will do here is to have a list of tricks and tips in order for you to start up. info given below are all based on my experience and it might works well, or bad with your websites. the main strategy in having a success with Google Adsense is always testing. test out what work for your website and what doesnt - thats the only answer for question on Google Adsense success.

Tips for click thru rate (CTR)

  • Rule #1: Blend Adsense ads into your writings.
  • Sometimes, going against rule # helps, try to make the ads stand out from the rest sometimes work. (it really depends)
  • Visitors generally view website from top left to bottom left of the screen, try put ads into that zone.
  • Test with different colors in background, title, and borders. there was once change of background colors help me to increase my revenue for 50%.
  • Dont overpush your visitors with too much ads, it might work worse and push your visitors to close the window instead.
  • Placing image at the side of adsense helps … however this might be performed carefully as it might goes against adsense policy. make sure you dont go against the rules to avoid bans.
  • Generally a 336 x 286 Large square ads works the best for me in term of CTR ..this is however, very very particular experience and it might not work the same on your websites.

Tips for earning per clicks (EPC)

If you ever feel that your ads clicks are undervalued, it probably is! Make sure there is no junk advertisers advertising on your website. ban them, chase them away from your Google Adsense block list so that it wont appears again at your site. what you want is SERIOUS advertisers that are willing to pay for good money in the trade of your traffics - not some other stupid MFA junk sites. Google Adsense Preview Tool comes very handy when you need to identify those MFA sites.

Another issues with EPC is that is your site content in the high-demand sectors? get a niche content to start up in your website but not too niche until there’s no related advertisers on your websites. i once knew a webmaster that had hard time getting his ads showed as his website is all about poems. if you are starting up your adsense website now, you better do something that relates to expensive keyterms.

Tips for ads impressions

Increasing ads impressions sometimes simply means increasing the website traffics. while there are lots of ways to generate more traffics for your website, i will put on some basics here:

  • Rule #1: Do proper SEO, make sure you follow the basics and do not fool around with the title tags, anchor text, and remember to build up your site link popularity always.
  • Get active in forums that related to your industry, speak politely, give helps, and refer your own websites to the others whenever appropriates.
  • Utilise digg,, reddit, technorati… engines to bring in more traffics.
  • Word of mouth strategy, have your friends and family to help up in promoting your websites.
  • Offline advertisement - radio ads, tv ads (if you got loads of cash), local classifies ..use them whenever its appropriate.
  • Write and submit articles to article directories.
  • Get your site to be more sticky, toolbar, softwares, newsletter, etc etc…make sure you can have as much return traffics as you can.


If you read on my how-to guide in making a decent income with google adsense, you probably already sense that Making money from Google Adsense is not that easy. yeah, its not that easy but hey, what good things come easy in life? the fact is that making money with Adsense is not easy but the chances of making good money is much higher when compare to real life busines. with Google Adsense, you can run all the necessary biz operations by just sitting infront of your desktops, traffics data and necessary info are just clicks away, and strategy testing are made easier online. doesnt it worth a try?

Now go make some money with Google Adsense!

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